Wednesday, May 14, 2008

4x4 Toyota Hilux

The old solid front axle (SFA) Toyota Hilux is one of the best off-road vehicles ever built. The Toyota Hilux is one of the most reliable and capable off-road vehicles around. For more information about the Toyota Hilux. In South Africa Toyota stopped production of the SFA Hiluxes almost ten years ago and still they are well sought after.


Roadtrippers said...

Whether on road or off road, the Hi lux can perform very well. With the proper body lift kit and large set of tires, you can experience smooth off road driving

supermaine said...

There's a lot of modifications you can do on a hilux. Raising its body with a truck lift would be a good one. This is to minimize the harsh and loud noise caused by road irregularities and Also, accelerated automobile wheels keep a close contact with the road surface;