Monday, May 12, 2008

Buffalo Campers

Buffalo Campers is a specialized vehicle rental company offering 2 models, the most economical 2-berth the more spacious 3-berth. Each vehicle is fully equipped with bedding, cutlery and crockery.

The Buffalo Campers fleet offers exceptional comfort, and is the ideal way to explore the vast network of scenic roads in this sub-continent. All our vehicles are maintained & serviced by our own expert mechanics.

Motorhome travel is one of the most enjoyable ways of seeing this vast region. The long, straight, almost empty main roads are a sheer pleasure to drive. Southern Africa has Africa's best, most comprehensive network of established primary and secondary roads, though rural roads are mostly untarred and require extra vigilance..

Freedom of choice is where Buffalo Campers is different - from the vehicle to the route; from the town you visit to the restaurant you eat at - we give you the freedom for a relaxing getaway to be remembered forever.

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Dominic said...

I have just returned from SA having rented a Toyota Hilux from Buffalo Campers 4x4 for a two week self drive safari through Botswana and would NOT wish anyone to have the same experience we did. Our group had three vehicles in total supplied by Buffalo Campers and its hard to say which was worse - the condition of the vehicles or the attitude of Vaughan Corlett the business owner. He ranks amongst the surliest, most rude and unhelpful individuals i've ever met, and his vehicles are without doubt the most hotch botch, poorly maintained, bodged i've ever driven. In the UK they would, without exception, all fail any MOT or road test. Perhaps a blowing exhaust, bald and irregularly worn tyres, broken lights and whining bearings are relatively unimportant when driving off road in Africa, but running on three cylinders, seized differentials, burnt out alternators, molten and bare wiring earthing on the body work and fridges that simply weren't wired in are surely major failings when venturing into the middle of the Kalahari. Not to mention missing equipment, a lack of tools, empty gas cylinders and very smelly tents. When questioned on the state of the vehicles (not to mention that we had booked and paid for three and he presents us with only two when we arrive), his complete lack of preparation for our arrival and only a fraction of the equipment we had specifically been promised, his attitude was 'like it or lump it'! In fact what he actually said on a Sunday morning when we arrived after a 12 hour flight from the UK was "if you don't like it, f**k off". Clearly we were a captive audience with very few options or alternatives. We managed to return to collect an additional vehicle from him the following day, at which point we also had to replace one of the vehicles that we had only just collected the previous day as the diff seized up - thankfully better then, than when we were hundreds of kms from civilisation! We also managed to nurse the vehicles along for the two weeks, but only as we had a couple of very handy guys with us that are quite mechanically minded and with the assistance of the Toyota dealership in Maun, who dropped everything to help us repair two alternators within a two hour window. However, unless you are a qualified mechanic, with plenty of spares, tools and wish to spend more time in the engine bay, than watching game, then take my advice, and steer very clear of Buffalo Campers - spend the extra money and get a decent vehicle!